How you guarantee your eBook to stay in the book shelve and not make any online sales

How you guarantee your eBook to stay in the book shelve and not make any online sales

7 experiences  made while bringing a new ebook to sales

Published a wonderful book in English and German.

Got 5 Readers via my website. Two people who bought the ebook. All the others used some coupon to get it for free.

Until now I did not get feedback by mail. So I talked to readers who I handed out a print version of the book.

Wanted to reach out to much more readers. It seems easier to sell the book personally in a beer garden than via the internet.

Learned a little bit by failing and now share some tips her, how to sell your ebook online and do great marketing campaigns.

1. Marketing of your Ebook on Twitter

Should have read this article about selling and marketing ebooks on Twitter. I am sorry that it is in German. But it puts the chances of sales via Twitter to 0%.


2. set up a  commerce process on your website and tell nobody

With WordPress and Woo Commerce it is kind of easy to set up a Web Shop. I did this 4 moths without telling anybody. Expecting the visitors to buy. I counted 2 buyers until I decided to fail with issue1, went better with facebook and giving it away for free for a limited time period using special offer codes.

3. Make a live reading

That was great. Lovely eperience. A lot of input from my own inspiration and the listeners. But to sell a ebook in a live environment is quite impossible. Would be nicer to have prints available. Which I did not have.

4. Give Away offers on facebook

By meassuring click counts and where they come from, publishing something on facebook lead me to 3 new sales in 2 days. I do not assume this quota to continue

5. Using Ad Words

As working in an innovation space I got motivated to start some AdWords campain. Mine is still running and after the first day I only got 17 interests. No click.

6. Continue

Once started I got some fun in the digital selling world. I even wrote this blog to share some ideas. It is like a game. But as I prefer spending real life time with friends and family I will limit my sales effort to 2h per week.

7. Buy a lot of books about Guerilla Marketing

They look nice. Their content seems great. Buy them. Put them in the shelve and do not read them. And please do not follow any of those tips. They will work.