Björn Out – dream yourself free (PDF)

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Bestseller from the storyteller Björn Nonhoff. A heartwarming tale of a teddy bear rediscovering hope and dreams after his burnout, Inspiring narative.

An inspiring narrative that shows how we all can find our way back to true joy in life.

In ‘Björn Out’, discover the touching story of a teddy bear on a quest for joy and love. An inspiring tale about courage, growth, and the healing power of love.



The Book of the year

The wonderful story of an overwhelmed teddy bear on his journey back to strength. A heartwarming tale is full of humor, optimism, and small nuggets of wisdom. Already hailed as the book of the year 2024. Follow the journey of a teddy bear who grew sad and overwhelmed when he was abandoned. He found himself on the verge of giving up. But with the help of his friends and the adventures he experienced in his dreams, he rediscovered himself and his strength.

“Those who dance with stars,
embrace their shadows,
and bring laughter to others,
see the world as a place of wonders.”

Reader Reviews of Burnout (#BjörnOut)

“A book that made me laugh and cry, encouraging me to seek my own happiness.” – Maria S. from Vienna

“After ‘Björn Out,’ I see the world through different eyes.” – Thomas B. from Rosenheitm

“I now enjoy walks in nature and observing animals with a contented smile, thinking of the various dream sequences from Björn Out.” – Barbara P., Munich

Iconic Bear Voices on burnout – book of the year

“A book as sweet as honey, warming the heart and tickling the soul.” – Winnie the Pooh

“A charming tale full of adventure and warmth, touching the hearts of all bears.” – Paddington Bear

“A song of life, sung with the depth of the jungle and the lightness of being.” – Baloo the Bear

“A book that shows how to picnic in the park of life.” – Yogi Bear

“Growl Growlll Growl” – Teddy

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The Author of Burnout, Björn Nonhoff on Björn Out

This is by far my most personal book, of which I am immensely proud. I wanted to playfully impart some wisdom to my children through it. It has a light, playful tone that views life as a dream. Yet, it doesn’t shy away from themes like fear, loneliness, and impermanence, offering perspectives that inspire and empower. While writing, I became aware of how deeply rooted many beliefs can be within us and the world. It’s a call to listen to the wisdom in our hearts rather than following predetermined paths. Especially in an increasingly chaotic world that wreaks havoc with its penchant for war, our true nature is loving and peaceful. Each chapter of the book is dedicated to these values.

Burnout – the story of a transformational journey

The book is an inspiring and guiding story full of wisdom and ideas. Its first edition was sold out in a few weeks. Now it is public available in its third edition in English, german and Swedish. It is the forth book of the Swedish german Writer and Storyteller Björn Nonhoff. He performed his shows on international stages around the world and won several prices, Comedian of the year, Best Show and now Book

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Product Description:

This beautifully written story revolves around a teddy bear, a cherished companion who becomes engulfed in sadness after being left behind. Overwhelmed by life and losing sight of his dreams, the teddy bear finds himself in a state of despair, having given up on himself and his aspirations. Caught in the mundanity of life, he struggles with understanding what he truly desires and is disheartened by the loss of direction.

‘Björn Out is about The Dreamer’s Journey’. A touching exploration of hope, self-discovery, and the power of dreams. It’s a reminder that even in our darkest moments, there is a path leading back to ourselves and our true aspirations. This book is a heartwarming tale for dreamers of all ages, providing a beacon of light for those searching for a way back to their dreams and a sense of purpose.

Perfect for readers seeking inspiration and a renewed sense of wonder, this book is not just a story, but a journey back to the heart of what matters most – our dreams and authentic selves.”

Key Themes: Self-discovery, life crisis, Burnout, Transformation, Hope, Dreams, Overcoming Challenges, Inspiration

Ideal for: dreamers of all ages, anyone seeking inspiration and a renewed sense of purpose, lovers of heartfelt stories, people in life crisis and transformation process.