Sell your eBook online and become a BestSeller

How to sell your eBook and promote it to a Best Seller

the 7 to tips how to get your ebook a BestSeller

About the author. Written several books and made them Bestseller on real and virtual ebooks in the area of artbooks and poetry books in Germany. Sold over thousands of books and made it to the radio and tv, present in social media.

  1. Trust in every action you take and yourself as a great Storyteller and Story seller.
  2. Get regular practice experience in selling stuff and know the purpose of your life, your book and your environment.
  3. Published a wonderful book – write it, read it and enjoy it. Publish it and get it accessible on the most important sales channels.
  4. Let it get translated in languages where you love to be read
  5. Let a lot of other people  write about the book, blog entries, articles, tv spots and so on
  6. Publish a blog on your website -and get a lot of regular readers
  7. always get paid or get something out of your invest
  8. be honest with your interactions digital and analogue.
  9. listen to your intuition and make your steps – even if they seem crazy
  10. invest 20% of your earnings into your development, 30% into a development serving as many people as you are able to in a soft and generous way
  11. Change the cover – maybe
  12. Change the Title – maybe

1. Marketing of your Ebook on Twitter – Best Seller Best practices

read this article about selling and marketing ebooks on Twitter. It sets the realistic expectations of sales via Twitter to 0%.

2. set up a commerce process on your website and stay in contact with your readers

With WordPress and Woo Commerce it is kind of easy to set up a Web Shop. Do not expect visitors to buy. 2 buyers in half a year. Giving it away for free for a limited time period using special offer codes raised the numbers to 5.

3. Make live readings, short clips, videos, audio goodis which are full of joy and value

That can be great – if you like it and enjoy reading in public. Lovely experience. A lot of input and emotions and a great source of inspiration for you and the listeners.
But to sell an ebook in a live environment is quite hard. May you are equipped with bar codes and smartphone download shop. Would be nicer to have prints available.

4. Give Away offers and reflect on the deeper and higher purpose of them

By measuring click counts and where they come from, publishing something on Facebook led to 3 new sales in 2 days. Do not assume this quota to continue.

5. Use Ad Words – with the earn of valuable return

As working in an innovation space you may get motivated to start some AdWords campaigns. Take care of your clicks.

6. Continue – stay loyal – reflect and learn

Once started enjoy the fun in the digital selling world. Take it like a game – and not a time killer.  Define your values and check if you enjoy more and more of them. You can trust in the right real time spread. Focus real life time with friends and family. Limit your online time to a personal suitable time per day.

7. practice Guerilla Marketing – or sales for

They look nice. Their content seems great. And please do not follow any of those tips if it is not fully inspiring your whole being. They will work when they are connected with our way of creating, living and growing.