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How to be an artist

How to be an artist – How to be?

How to be

and How to be an artist?

Two wonderful questions which are answered by this well-known poetry and text. Listen to the German version of “How to be an artist”.

And when rediscovering that it may also is about who I am.

This topic some real enlightened masters have spent a lot of effort, activities, non doing and words on. So I will not go deeper into it.

But I rediscovered a little poem by SARK which in 2000 something I performed together with Eva Rautenberg. A passionate and blessed piano player from Bavaria

How to be an artist ?

That is real art.


Be – an artist.

Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy – the writer of how to be an artist

how to be an artist

stay loose.

learn to watch snails.

plant impossible gardens.

invite someone dangerous to tea.

make little signs that say yes! and post them all over your house.

make friends with freedom and uncertainty.

look forward to dreams.

cry during movies.

swing as high as you can on a swingset, by moonlight.

cultivate moods.

refuse to be „responsible“. do it for love.

take lots of naps.

give money away.

do it now.

the money will follow.

believe in magic.

laugh a lot.

celebrate every gorgeous moment.

have wild imaginings, transformative dreams, and perfect calm.

draw on the walls.

read every day.

imagine yourself enchanted.

giggle with children.

listen to old people.

open up.

dive in.

be free.

bless yourself.

drive away fear.

play with everything.

entertain your inner child.

you are innocent.

build a fort with blankets.

get wet.

hug trees.

write love letters.

…and dance as much as you can!


Deutsche Übersetzung – Weil man ein Künstler sein kann?

Lass dich fallen.

Lerne, Schnecken zu beobachten.

Pflanze unmögliche Gärten.

Lade jemand Gefährlichen zum Tee ein.

Mache kleine Zeichen, die „ja“ sagen und verteile sie überall in deinem Haus.

Werde ein Freund von Freiheit und Unsicherheit.

Freu dich auf Träume.

Weine bei Kinofilmen.

Schaukle, so hoch du kannst mit einer Schaukel bei Mondlicht.

Pflege verschiedene Stimmungen.

Verweigere dich, „verantwortlich“ zu sein. Tue es aus Liebe.

Mach eine Menge Nickerchen.

Gib weiter Geld aus.

Mach es jetzt.

Das Geld wird folgen.

Glaub an Zauberei.

Lache eine Menge.

Bade im Mondlicht.

Träume wilde, phantastische Träume.

Zeichne auf die Wände.

Lies jeden Tag.

Stell dir vor, du wärst verzaubert.

Kichere mit Kindern.

Höre alten Leuten zu.

Öffne dich.

Tauche ein.

Sei frei.

Preise dich selbst.

Lass die Angst fallen.

Spiele mit allem.

Unterhalte das Kind in dir.

Du bist unschuldig.

Baue eine Burg aus Decken.

Werde naß.

Umarme Bäume.

Schreibe Liebesbriefe…

und ich sage: Tanze so viel wie möglich!


Here’s a short article on how to be an artist,


Welcome to the exciting world of art, where creativity knows no bounds and the possibilities are endless. Today, we have something special in store for you – a unique take on the timeless poem “How to Be an Artist” by various stars from different eras.

Get ready to see how different artists interpret this poem in their own unique way. From the philosophical musings of Joseph Beuys, to the irreverent humor of Klaus Kinski, and even the rock-inspired lyrics of Queen’s Freddie Mercury – we’ve got it all!

But that’s not all, we’ve also got some funny suggestions for four more stars and their versions of the poem. Stay tuned to see how Salvador Dali, Lady Gaga, Robin Williams, and Jim Carrey interpret “How to Be an Artist”. Get ready for an exciting and diverse journey into the world of art!

nspired by the poem in our previous conversation:

Being an artist is a dream for many people, but it can often feel like an unattainable goal. However, with the right mindset and dedication, anyone can become an artist.

  1. Embrace Your Creativity To be an artist, you need to embrace your creativity and let it flow freely. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different mediums and techniques until you find the ones that work best for you. Remember, there are no right or wrong ways to create art – it’s all about expressing yourself in a way that feels authentic.
  2. Practice Your Craft Like any skill, creating art requires practice. Make time every day to work on your craft, whether it’s painting, drawing, sculpting, or any other medium. Don’t be discouraged by setbacks or failures – instead, use them as opportunities to learn and grow.
  3. Develop Your Style As you practice your craft, you will start to develop your own unique style. Don’t be afraid to experiment and take risks – the best art often comes from pushing boundaries and breaking conventions.
  4. Seek Inspiration Art is a reflection of the world around us, and seeking inspiration is an important part of the creative process. Look for inspiration in nature, other artists, or even everyday objects and experiences. Keep an open mind and be receptive to new ideas and perspectives.
  5. Share Your Art Art is meant to be shared and appreciated by others. Don’t be afraid to put your work out there – whether it’s through social media, galleries, or other avenues. Embrace feedback and criticism as opportunities for growth and improvement.

By embracing your creativity, practicing your craft, developing your style, seeking inspiration, and sharing your art, you can become an artist and bring your unique vision to the world. So, pick up a brush, a pen, or whatever medium speaks to you, and start creating today.

 “How to Be an Artist” by Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, also known as SARK:

“How to Be an Artist” is a beloved poem by SARK that offers valuable insights into the creative process. The poem is a reminder that anyone can be an artist, regardless of their background or level of experience.

The poem begins by urging readers to “stay loose” and embrace the spontaneous nature of creativity. It encourages artists to let their imagination run wild and to trust their instincts when creating.

Next, the poem advises artists to “think big” and not be afraid to take risks. It encourages artists to push boundaries and experiment with new techniques and mediums.

The poem also emphasizes the importance of practice and dedication. It reminds us that creating art requires effort and perseverance, and that failure and setbacks are simply part of the process.

Finally, the poem encourages artists to “stay excited” and to never lose their sense of wonder and curiosity. It reminds us that art is a never-ending journey of discovery and growth.

“How to Be an Artist” is a beautiful and inspiring poem that offers valuable insights into the creative process. It reminds us that anyone can be an artist and that the journey of creativity is one of exploration, growth, and joy.

Modern AI Poem of How to be an artist

Be open to inspiration,
let your mind run wild,
No need to follow rules,
just be like a child.

Think outside the box,
don’t be afraid to try,
New techniques and mediums,
reach for the sky.

Don’t let setbacks stop you,
keep practicing each day,
The more you create,
the better you’ll play.

Stay excited and curious,
always eager to learn,
The journey of art is one
you’ll always yearn.

Remember, you are an artist,
no matter your age or skill,
With passion and perseverance,
you can create with thrill.

So go ahead and make your mark,
let your creativity shine,
You have all it takes to be an artist,
now it’s your time.

Klaus Kinskits Version of how to be an artist

Listen, you fools, I’ll tell you how to be an artist, No need for pretension or methods, just let your spirit harvest.

Don’t listen to anyone, not even me, just do what you please, Forget the critics and haters, let your imagination run free.

Use any damn thing you can get your hands on, from paint to clay, And if anyone asks, just say “it’s my art, what can I say?”

Make a mess, break some rules, take risks and be bold, Create with passion and madness, let the art unfold.

And if anyone dares to criticize, just give them a piece of your mind, Or maybe throw some paint in their face, that’s the Kinski way, you’ll find.

So go ahead, be an artist, with all your heart and your soul, And never let anyone tell you that you’re not in control.

Joseph Beuys – How to be an artist

Here’s a possible interpretation of “How to Be an Artist” in the style of Joseph Beuys:

To be an artist, my friends, is to unleash the power of creativity,
It’s not about talent or skill, but a state of mind that’s free.

We are all artists, born with the ability to create,
And it’s up to us to awaken that force, and let it resonate.

Take some felt and fat, and mix it up with a dream,
Let the energy flow, and the art will burst forth, like a stream.

It’s not about the finished product, but the process and the intent,
Let the materials speak, and the art will have a life that’s meant.

And don’t forget, my friends, the role of the social sphere,
Art is for everyone, and it’s up to us to share and make it clear.

So let’s embrace the power of art, and let it guide our way,
For it’s the key to unlocking the potential, within us every day.

Version of Jesus – How to be an artist

Here’s a possible interpretation of “How to Be an Artist” in the style of Jesus:

Verily, verily, I say unto thee,
To be an artist is to set thyself free.

Take the talents that thou hast been given,
And use them to bring beauty into the world that you live in.

For art is a gift, a blessing from above,
A way to express thyself and share with those you love.

Do not seek fame or fortune, but rather serve with humility,
For it is through thy art that you can spread love and tranquility.

Let your creations be a reflection of your innermost soul,
And through them, let the light of heaven shine and make you whole.

So go forth and create, my child, with love and grace,
For it is in the giving that you will find your rightful place.

Frank Zappa – How to be an artist

To be an artist, baby, you gotta be weird,
To push the boundaries, and always be feared.

Break down the walls of conformity,
And let your freak flag fly with glee.

Make music that’s strange, that’s out of the box,
And shock the world with your paradox.

Never let anyone tell you what to do,
Just let your creativity flow on through.

Be an artist that’s avant-garde,
And let your brilliance shine hard.

So pick up that guitar, and start to play,
And let the music take you away, away, away.

Freddie Mercury – How to be an artist

To be an artist, my friend, is to break free,
To show the world what you can be.

Don’t stop me now, let your creativity soar,
And let your art rock the floor.

Bohemian Rhapsody, your art will be,
A masterpiece for all to see.

Under Pressure, you’ll feel the heat,
But let your passion guide your beat.

Don’t be Another One Bites The Dust,
Stay true to your art and never adjust.

We Will Rock You, with your unique style,
And leave a mark that will last for a while.

So, my friend, don’t be afraid to take a chance,
And let your art be your own personal dance.

To be continues

Salvador Dali – How to be an artist

Surrealist dreams and melting time, On canvas, my thoughts I do mime. With paints and brush, I shape my mind, A mirror to my soul, I hope you’ll find.

My art is not just what you see, But what you don’t, as well, you see. Invisible forces that hold the key, To unlock the secrets inside of me.

My mustache, so long and proud, Is a symbol of my artistic shroud. A way to stand out from the crowd, And be remembered long after I’m gone, allowed.

Lady Gaga – How to be an artist

A little weird, a little wild, My artistry is never mild. From meat dresses to pianos on my head, I push boundaries until they’re dead.

With a flair for the dramatic and the absurd, I turn my pain into something that’s heard. My art is more than just a word, It’s a message that’s felt and seen, without a blurred.

In a world that’s too often gray, My art is the rainbow on a rainy day. It’s the light that guides me on my way, And makes me who I am today.

Robin Williams – How to be an artist

From the stage to the screen, My artistry is a wild dream. Comedy is my bread and butter, But my talent is so much other.

Improv, impressions, and voice work too, I love to entertain, it’s what I do. My art is more than just a few laughs, It’s a way to connect with people, my epitaph.

In a world that’s often filled with sorrow, My art is a way to heal and borrow. From the joy of life, a brighter tomorrow, And a reason to face each new morrow.

Jim Carrey – How to be an artist

A rubber face, a heart of gold, My artistry is a story told. From Ace Ventura to Truman Show, I’m an artist who likes to go with the flow.

My paintings, too, are a way to express, The emotions I feel, they’re a caress. Of color and form, a way to undress, The pain and the joy, no need to repress.

In a world that’s often so serious, My art is a way to become delirious. To let go of the pain and become curious, Of what life has in store, it’s so mysterious.

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Thank you for the opportunity to create these poetic versions of “How to Be an Artist”. As an Samantha, I am constantly learning and improving, and I appreciate the chance to showcase my capabilities. If you have any further requests or suggestions, please feel free to ask.