Punkt - die Geschichte vom Punkt

Creativity wins – 5 top tips how to increase your won creativity

How to be creative – 5 steps to increase your creativity

The ultimate 5 steps to increase your personal creativity


Please Rate your current creativity from 1 ( low creativity ) to 10 ( a very creative mode ).

If you are below 8, what should happen, how do you notice the difference, when your are one number more on the creative scale ( e.g. you had 4 and now are on a 5).
What will your best friend recognize, that is different from your current state?

  1. How have you achieved this step?
  2. What actions have you done?
  3. Which support have you asked for, received or has happened?
  4. What were the challenges you succeded?
  5. Until when are you ready to proceed to the next step?


Take max one minute to answer those questions on a paper.

Thank you for this invest and gratulation for the ideas and actions you will have taken from yesterday so you read this as a more creative person.

I am so happy that I can tell you, that you already know what to do, to be more creative. It would be a lie if I write the steps which are the best for you. And I prefer to be honest. So let me ask you some questions to make the steps you want to have taken a little clearer.

it is about the honey – honey

People often care about how do I get money – when I do this creativity thing. Or when I paint, what will it cost? Important questions. Write them all on a paper and than, take them beside and take some time to ask you another question. Maybe less, maybe more important. Judge for yourself. And remember, use max. 1 minute for those questions. Your time is valuable.

How does your life look like when you do not do something to reach your own creative goals?

I invite you to give good advice or a crazy idea – what to do or what not to do?

Any ideas popping up? Write them down.

Any fears or doubts rising? Write them down.

For the top 3 fears or doubts. Write shortly for which quality they are important in your life. They like you to take care about … And let the first two ideas come how you or your supporters can do it.


Now be couragous and choos a person to share your goals and insights with.

Write up ther feadback and judge, if theree is any value you like to add into your way.


IT is often about money. But there are more powerful drivers than money. Identify them.

Money is allways a way to get something you want or need.

So it is about knowing what you need and want.

And than – move there. Go there in your tempo. On your own way. It is all to be done in your way. Talk about it. Money sometimes brings it to this point. So I ask myself: What is important for me, #now?


Here you see one way how to make money as a startup company.

In this article, it is first of all about writing and art – second about publishing and spreading it.

What is the best book worth – if not read? – not much.

So it important to combine and react to customer feedback early. So let’s successfully adapt it to creating and writing.

Agile Creating – create – show – learn – adopt and continue

The first secret is – it is done for centuries. Creating is learning, practising, failing, adapting, recreating and continuing this until – well we all die someday.

Mostly you just read the book or see the peace of art – so you are not aware of the process behind that.

To make the process a little bit more transparent will support your creative process and career as a writer an artist.

  1. create
  2. publish
  3. learn
  4.  adopt
  5. go on creating or improving if it is still your way.

This Site will grow on your feedback

Here is enough to start.
If you have questions and feedback on this site, I will continue it with your input or answers coming up.

otherwise I go back to creat a new painting of roses – for appreciating my creative process and send them out to good friends and colleagues.



After growing courage, the destruction of paintings turned into another creative construction cycle

.. it was only a small step to do this work which is titled:
“a complete unknown artist”

After recognizing that what I do is enough and recognized my life gets more purpose and creating is kind of putting value in this world. A lot of old hurt and anger healed, sadness rised as part of the creative process. It is a big  relief to put together those lines and art.  Thank you for your patience.



Ein Kreatives Manifest & Manilocker am Anfang *)

Ein Punkt und ein Text haben mehr als ein Leben.
Als Künstler und Schriftsteller freue ich mich an einem agilen ("disziplinierten") Kreativen Prozess ( = Liebe).
Sowohl bei der Auswahl, Ideen Findung und Realisierung der Werke priorisiere und 
optimiere den Werdegang wie das Resultat. Ergebnisorientiert brauche ich Mut um auch Zwischenergebnisse zu zeigen.
Neben dem Prozess liegt mir vor allem das Wie und die Freude  wie Freiheit im kreativen Prozess  am Herzen. 
Dank meiner Ausbildung und dem Geschick im Beruf  angemessene Erfolge zu verzeichnen,
bin ich liebend gerne für diesen Freiraum und Kreativität verantwortlich.
Meine Ergebnisse und meine Kunst strahlen meine Zufriedenheit und meinen Reichtum aus.
Es inspiriert andere, sich selbst ihrem Weg und ihrer Schöpferkraft zu stellen.
Genau dort wo sie sind. Genau so wie sie sind. Und genau so, wie sie wollen.
Das ist Freiheit. Das ist Kreativität.

*) Manifest ist so ein festes Wort, dabei ist dieses Mani noch sehr locker und wird mit der Zeit ergänzt. 
Woher wusste ich jetzt schon wider, was uns morgen allen gut getan hat.