Creativity – it is not about money honey


it is not all about money, honey

IT is never about money.

Money is allways a way to get something you want or need.

So it is about knowing what you need and want.

And than – move there in your way. Talk about it. Money sometimes brings it to this point. So I ask myself: What is important for me, #now?


Here you see one way how to make money as a startup company.

In this article, it is first of all about writing and art – second about publishing and spreading it.

What is the best book worth – if not read? – not much.

So it important to combine and react on customer feedback early. This is used since 2000 in agile development processes. So let’s successfully adapt it to creating and writing.

Agile Creating

The first secret is – it is done for centuries. Creating is learning, practising, failing, adapting, recreating and continuing this until – well we all die someday.

Mostly you just read the book or see the peace of art – so you are not aware of the process behind that.

To make the process a little bit more transparent will support your creative process and career as a writer an artist.

  1. create
  2. publish
  3. learn and adopt

Example – create – publish – learn and adapt

Here are two pictures I created in former iterations, I ripped one and started to combine.

By doing this I found out I love to take another background

I combined another striped painting which ripped.

After that, I added some drawing and lines combining the single parts.

I called it: “Imagine your life is a line between birth and death. Where in the moment are you living your life”.
A sentence which impressed me and came to me with a documentary about the Irving Yalom, a existential psychologist.

After growing courage in the destruction of paintings …

.. it was only a small step to do this work which is titled:
“a complete unknown artist”

After recognizing that what I do is not yet recognized and life and creating is kind of worthless a great anger and sadness rised and it was a big quiet relief to put together those pieces. They were exhibited November 2016 with the #atelierclub Moosach.


Agile Publishing - Ein Punkt und ein Text haben mehr als ein Leben.
Als Künstler und Schriftsteller arbeite ich seit langen an einem agilen ("disziplinierten") Kreativ Verfahren. Sowohl bei der Auswahl, Ideen Findung und Realisierung der Werke priorisiere ich und optimiere den Werdegang. Neben dem Prozess liegt mir vor allem das Wie und die Freude wie Freiheit im kreativen Prozess  am Herzen. Dank meiner Ausbildung und dem Geschick im Beruf angemessene Erfolge zu verzeichnen, habe ich immer wieder für diesen Freiraum gekämpft.