Teddy is burning out

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a teddy is telling the truth like jesus did

This book is the most creative and heart warming story since a long time. Reading it is like watching a Movie and much more. You will be touched by the story and the words. It is a unique adventure for children, parents and dreamers – who want to cope with this world of madness.



Preview Chapters from the “Björn Out – a dreamers Journey”

Teddy meets John Lennon

the #beatles have a new #song
and teddy had a dream of john #lennon
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Teddy spotted a man dressed in black with tinted glasses and a black hat approaching. He was just stubbing out his cigarette with his foot.
Let’s play with our minds, push our boundaries, plant seeds, let’s play with the arms of the heart and chant the mantra, peace on Earth.
After all, we all play our games in the mind, and then a druid comes along and lifts the veil, guiding our thoughts across the threshold into the great whole. Call it magic, call it the Holy Grail.
His voice was like music. Music Teddy recognized from the radio. But for the first time, he realized there was much more to it than sounds, much more than words and song; it was like love. Like peace and joy. And it was right now and right here.
There was no longer an “I” – but a “we” There was no more fear – but joy There was no more “must” – but the permission to may.
What we want, to be at peace.
We are peace.
He continued speaking and smiled. As he did so, he lit a new cigarette, and by his side now stood a woman dressed in white with long black hair and Japanese features.
Love is the answer. We all know it. We are all the flower and learning to let it grow. Dream and travel in your dreams together, play the games of the mind, of hearts and bodies.
Play your games. Trust. Trust in the future from the now. Stop trying to escape from the stone circles of the past and play as you want. Project your visions into space and time. So they are, become, and emerge.
Continue your fantasy journeys together To awaken the spirit of peace and love
Love I want you to make love, not war I know you’ve heard that before
All the dreams you dream can be realities, and all realities are a dream.
The woman and the man went into a bright hotel room. They undressed and lay down in bed. There was peace. If only one would do the same. But the world was not yet willing. The world kept creating quarreling parents, it started wars, and it hurled cups and dishes through the air.
The noise in many places was much louder than the silence. But wherever love resided, there was a shining palace. The power of these palaces connected. Like the many stuffed animals that bind the power of children, the power of the laughing. They all invited more and more to unfold their dreams, to bring their light into the world. The images and visions they had led them together like magnets and overcame many fears and obstacles. As if by itself. Because love is the foundation of everything and is always, beyond place and time.
Teddy drew the blinds at the window and lay down in bed with the man and the woman. They embraced and imagined what it would be like, this world at peace. This world of love.
Millions of heart’s joy played and danced together in their everlasting soul power. A wheel that turned like the dance of the planets around the sun.
John slept quietly. Teddy too. Yoko snored. This woke Teddy up. Or he imagined it and had just dreamed everything.

Words from the author of “Björn Out”

Good Day,

It’s midnight, October 6, 2023, and I’ve just finished writing the afterword for my story.

The plan is for the book to be in your mailbox or on your bedside table by St. Nicholas Day, December 6, 2023.

In the coming days, you will find out how you can pre-order your copy, either as a physical book or as an eBook.

Until then, I wish you much joy and offer you a preview by sharing the freshly completed afterword.

Anticipating the work as eagerly as you, Björn Nonhoff

I wouldn’t say it’s a success yet; I’m more curious to hear what you think of the afterword of the story. If all goes smoothly, the rest will be available by Christmas as a little book.

Have a joyful Friday – a “Joy Day.”

Dear Readers,

The book you’ve just read is more than a collection of dreams and adventures of a teddy bear. It’s a journey, a spiritual odyssey inviting us all to delve deep within ourselves and confront the question: What is our true essence? What is the truth we carry within us?

In one of my past lives, I was a priest. A man of the Church, trained in the art of guiding people through stories and teachings. Yet, at the end of that life, it became clear to me how many people I had led astray. I had given them a truth that was not their own but one of an organization, of dogma. Recognizing this fact was painful and humbling.

The Teddy Book you hold in your hands, and all other works that I author, are my ways to correct this mistake. They are my attempts to guide people into their own light. Not a light dictated by an organization, a religion, or any other authority, but into the light of their own, individual truth. Into the light of their own stories, their own hearts.

That is my mission, that is my path to making amends: To give you, dear readers, the tools to find your own path to insight. A path not dictated by me or by anyone else but one that arises solely from within you.

I hope this book has inspired you to embark on your own journey and find your own light.

With warm regards,


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