dear Reader – as the english languange and alphabet has not got familiar with the letter “ö” “oe” the author decided to publish Björnout as Fredrik Nonhoff ( his third name ) under the title “dream out” in April 2024. Please excuse any trouble you have with that. Thanks in advance and I am really happy you found this site. May you like my story and work and are inspired to give good reviews and feedback. Thanks in advance.

The Burnout Book of the year 2024

The wonderful story of an overwhelmed teddy bear on his journey back to strength. A heartwarming tale is full of humor, optimism, and small nuggets of wisdom. Already hailed as the book of the year 2024. Follow the journey of a teddy bear who grew sad and overwhelmed when he was abandoned. He found himself on the verge of giving up. But with the help of his friends and the adventures he experienced in his dreams, he rediscovered himself and his strength.

“Those who dance with stars,
embrace their shadows,
and bring laughter to others,
see the world as a place of wonders.”

Reader Reviews of Burnout (#BjörnOut)

“A book that made me laugh and cry, encouraging me to seek my own happiness.” – Maria S. from Vienna

“After ‘Björn Out,’ I see the world through different eyes.” – Thomas B. from Rosenheitm

“I now enjoy walks in nature and observing animals with a contented smile, thinking of the various dream sequences from Björn Out.” – Barbara P., Munich

Iconic Bear Voices on burnout – book of the year

“A book as sweet as honey, warming the heart and tickling the soul.” – Winnie the Pooh

“A charming tale full of adventure and warmth, touching the hearts of all bears.” – Paddington Bear

“A song of life, sung with the depth of the jungle and the lightness of being.” – Baloo the Bear

“A book that shows how to picnic in the park of life.” – Yogi Bear

“Growl Growlll Growl” – Teddy

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The Author of Burnout, Björn Nonhoff on Björn Out

This is by far my most personal book, of which I am immensely proud. I wanted to playfully impart some wisdom to my children through it. It has a light, playful tone that views life as a dream. Yet, it doesn’t shy away from themes like fear, loneliness, and impermanence, offering perspectives that inspire and empower. While writing, I became aware of how deeply rooted many beliefs can be within us and the world. It’s a call to listen to the wisdom in our hearts rather than following predetermined paths. Especially in an increasingly chaotic world that wreaks havoc with its penchant for war, our true nature is loving and peaceful. Each chapter of the book is dedicated to these values.

Burnout – the story of a transformational journey

The book is an inspiring and guiding story full of wisdom and ideas. Its first edition was sold out in a few weeks. Now it is public available in its third edition in English, german and Swedish. It is the forth book of the Swedish german Writer and Storyteller Björn Nonhoff. He performed his shows on international stages around the world and won several prices, Comedian of the year, Best Show and now Book


Björn Out – dream yourself free (PDF)


The most entertaining story of 2024

a teddy is telling the truth like jesus did

This book is the most creative and heart warming story since a long time. Reading it is like watching a Movie and much more. You will be touched by the story and the words. It is a unique adventure for children, parents and dreamers – who want to cope with this world of madness.



Preview Chapter from the book of the year – Dream out – the “dream yourself alife – a dreamers Journey”

Teddy meets John Lennon

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Teddy spotted a man dressed in black with tinted glasses and a black hat approaching. He was just stubbing out his cigarette with his foot.
Let’s play with our minds, push our boundaries, plant seeds, let’s play with the arms of the heart and chant the mantra, peace on Earth.
After all, we all play our games in the mind, and then a druid comes along and lifts the veil, guiding our thoughts across the threshold into the great whole. Call it magic, call it the Holy Grail.
His voice was like music. Music Teddy recognized from the radio. But for the first time, he realized there was much more to it than sounds, much more than words and song; it was like love. Like peace and joy. And it was right now and right here.
There was no longer an “I” – but a “we” There was no more fear – but joy There was no more “must” – but the permission to may.
What we want, to be at peace.
We are peace.
He continued speaking and smiled. As he did so, he lit a new cigarette, and by his side now stood a woman dressed in white with long black hair and Japanese features.
Love is the answer. We all know it. We are all the flower and learning to let it grow. Dream and travel in your dreams together, play the games of the mind, of hearts and bodies.
Play your games. Trust. Trust in the future from the now. Stop trying to escape from the stone circles of the past and play as you want. Project your visions into space and time. So they are, become, and emerge.
Continue your fantasy journeys together To awaken the spirit of peace and love
Love I want you to make love, not war I know you’ve heard that before
All the dreams you dream can be realities, and all realities are a dream.
The woman and the man went into a bright hotel room. They undressed and lay down in bed. There was peace. If only one would do the same. But the world was not yet willing. The world kept creating quarreling parents, it started wars, and it hurled cups and dishes through the air.
The noise in many places was much louder than the silence. But wherever love resided, there was a shining palace. The power of these palaces connected. Like the many stuffed animals that bind the power of children, the power of the laughing. They all invited more and more to unfold their dreams, to bring their light into the world. The images and visions they had led them together like magnets and overcame many fears and obstacles. As if by itself. Because love is the foundation of everything and is always, beyond place and time.
Teddy drew the blinds at the window and lay down in bed with the man and the woman. They embraced and imagined what it would be like, this world at peace. This world of love.
Millions of heart’s joy played and danced together in their everlasting soul power. A wheel that turned like the dance of the planets around the sun.
John slept quietly. Teddy too. Yoko snored. This woke Teddy up. Or he imagined it and had just dreamed everything.

I hope this book inspire you to embark on your own journey and find your own light. If you are facing problems or issues for a longer time or of severe impact, do consolidate professional help. This is just a story in a book, which may inspire you. For support contact professional coaches and help.

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