The five rooms of a storytelling performance and one english fairytail about a crazy bird

The five rooms of a storytelling performance

& one english fairytail about a crazy bird

How stories come to me

Finding and Writing a story are two different phases in the creativity path of creating. Writing this blog is the most passive third action and I can not tell yet if there is any meaning beyond advertisement and spreading some words. First I will tell you how stories come to my heart and mind. Than I offer a english story of the crazy bird, which reflects my own crazyness and my longing to connect. And often it is more easy for me to connect with strange and crazy people. Or it is about the courage to show the unique sides everyone has and which are too often hidden because of several reasons.

In my life I had to use some tricks to enjoy writing again. Probably in school I lost the fun in putting words on a paper. I mean that part was painful, when I am in the judging mode. More pain came when teachers and other people started to take a red pencil and corrected my text.

The most way I prefer to share a story is by telling it to people nearby. It is building a direct connection and by looking into the eyes of the listener I recognize how the words reach the person. I can directly modulate the tempo, the voice, use breakes to amplify the story.

The english story about a crazy bird

May you enjoy it – it is spontaneous and not perfect in telling or in recording.

It is about a crazy bird loving the rain.

It is written for all the crazy Friends I know, especcialy some with a very great heart. As I deal a lot with my own crazyness I feel connected and most of the time I love those people who seem to be very different to the “normal” way of living  a lot. I recognizes and admire them for their courage to be authentical, facing all the resistance you sometimes get when you step out of a main stream to follow your heart. May all of them have the ability to choose, and go on to share their wisdom.

Wish you a Joyfull day


The 5 rooms of a storytelling performance

PS: I love this story. It is about lonleyness, crazyness and compassion. Telling for Youtube I am not often amused with. No direct feed back. No experience. No audience. And it may happen that I will stop it again, as I really love real storytelling with real live human interaction.

I came up with a five room model which is happening during performances.

Ther is your own, inner room which you as an performer share.

There is a own room in every participant of the audience. You sometimes can even consider the room of the people not there, but thought of or present for some other reason. Dead and alive.

When performing a story and telling it that opens up another room where communication, attention, listening, understanding, not understanding starts. This room sometimes starts when you plan and prepare an event.

The forth room is that which is the actual space which exists and which changes during the performance by the stepping in of people, of me, of everything which happens.

And the fifth room is the romm which allways exists, it is the most natural but also most invisible room where there is everything and nothing. This may be experienced during a performance. May not. Doesn’t matter cause this is allways there.


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